The future tense

To talk about future a construction of auxiliary verb zullen + infinitive is used: Zij zullen lezen. — The will read. In Dutch zullen is used for both shall and will.

ik zal wij zullen
jij zal/zult jullie zullen
u zal/zult u zal/zult
hij zal zij zullen

In case of inversion: jij zultzul jij

Zullen behaves much like kunnen, moeten, mogen and willen: it agrees with the subject and occupies the second place in the sentence, while infinitive goes in the end of a sentence.

Ik zal het vandaag lezen. — I shall read this today.
Je zult dat boek nergens krijgen. — You will not get that book anywhere.

Zullen often implies an intention or a promise:
Ik zal morgen thuis blijven. — I will stay home tomorrow.

The future in Dutch can also be expressed using gaan.
Ik ga morgen een nieuwe boek kopen. — I am going to buy a new book tomorrow.
Gaat u in Rotterdam wonen? — Are you going to live in Rotterdam?

Another way of expressing the future is to use the present with words, pointing to the future:
Ik ben morgen op werk. — Tomorrow I am at work.

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