wasmand – laundry basket

Mannen zullen wel nooit in staat zijn hun kleren in de wasmand te dumpen.
Men will probably never be able to dump their dirty laundry in the laundry basket.

wel – probably (one of many meanings of the word)
nooit – never, definitely not, no way
de staat – state, condition, status
de mand – basket


I have just discovered a nice blog, titled “Dutch Word of The Day”. It looks like it has nothing to do with the RSS feed, which is broadcast on keepindutch.org. It’s authored by a few Dutch language enthusiasts from the Netherlands.

It looks like a very good source of the spoken language.


schuim — foam

Mijn dochtertje schaterde van het lachen om al het schuim in bad.
My daughter burst out laughing at all the foam in the bathtub.

schateren (schaterde, geschaterd) – roar (with laughter)
het schuim – foam

I don’t quite understand why “lachen” is used in the sentence.
1. If it’s a plural form of “lach” then why with “het”?
2. If it is a verb then it makes the translation even more confusing!

De sok — sock

Toen ik een rode sok bij mijn witte wasgoed had zitten, werd dat helemaal roze.
When I put a red sock with my white laundry, it all became entirely pink.

toen – 1. when 2. then, in those days
de sok – sock
het wasgoed – wash, laundry, linen
werd – past tense form of worden

sowieso: anyhow

Ik ben sowieso niet van plan om vanavond uit te gaan.
I wasn’t planning to go out tonight anyhow.

Het wordt sowieso laat op dat feest. 
That party will in any case go on until late.
(this example is still quite difficult for me to digest :\ )

sowieso – in any case, anyhow:
van plan zijn – to plan; to intend; to propose;
worden – 1. be, will be, come to, get 2. become