I keep on forgetting the meaning of the word ‘waarschijnlijk’. In order to finally memorize it I decided to break it down here.

waar — true, real
schijnen — 2. to seem, to appear.
de schijn — appearance

waarschijnlijk — probable, likely

de waarschijnlijkheid — probability, likelihood, odds

Hij heeft de nacht doorgebracht in een daklozencentrum.
He has spent the night in a dosshouse.

doorbrengen – to spend
daklozencentrum – dosshouse
dakloze – homeless person
het dak – roof
lozen – to drain, to empty; to get rid of, to dump
loos – false, empty
het centrum – centre

The sentence was taken from: http://tatoeba.org/eng/sentences/show/1872153

I discovered http://tatoeba.org, it is just a great source of language material! The service focuses on translating the whole sentences to multiple languages.

g-y pattern

And here I am, trying to collect  the words, which, I believe, share the same pattern (not too many commas, I hope 🙂 ).

weg – way
dag – day
mag – may
zeg – say
gelukkig – lucky
bezig – busy

Tuin and Town

While browsing hema.nl, I saw “huis en tuin”. Suddenly my subconsciousness popped out a thought: taking into account the difference in meaning, maybe there still is a relation between Dutch “tuin” and English “town”?!

And yes! The article about town on Wikipedia says: “The word town shares an origin with the German word Zaun, the Dutch word tuin, and the Old Norse tun.”

And then: “In English and Dutch, the meaning of the word took on the sense of the space which these fences enclosed.”

Awesome!!! 😀